Wednesday, February 26, 2020 03:23

C++ Geoip Map

This is a fairly simple program I made in opengl, which uses longitude and latitude data you collect and then plots the designated line. The line can be a curved, bright red to blue line, or a flat black line printed on the map.

The data can be from anywhere, so long as it involves longitudes and latitudes. In my case, I have used a geoIP database to look up active connections (the connections can be seen as the large curving lines). I then used tracert on the active connections and linked each tracert result together, to form the link of how the connection gets from 1 IP to the other, which is displayed on the map.

Basically it can visualize where in the world all your internet connections are going, and how they get there. Of course, you need to supply your own data…

Also, there is a huge number of options are at the top of GIPvis.h for compile time. And I should probably note that “C++” in the title is used very hesitantly as opengl makes it very difficult to code using OO, so there are no classes.

Download it here.

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